I have learned that it’s not just physical…it’s mental, emotional and spiritual as well!  Some have asked why I named this blog It’s Your Loss.  Let me tell you…it’s multi-faceted in regards to my life.  The obvious is the weight loss.  It’s MY loss!  And, one I’m happy to let go!  It’s Your Loss—it can be your loss too if you’re willing to put the work into yourself on all levels.  And, as part of my life transformation I also went through a divorce….It’s HIS loss!  But, I also lost a business as part of this journey.  It’s proven to be for the better and my life has never felt more fulfilling or on track than it does today as I sit here writing this. That’s why, although I’m still on this journey, I feel compelled to write this blog and share what I’ve learned and my experiences with you!