All Calories Are Not Created Equal!

Eating healthy can still taste good!  Below you will find 13151647_1191152507584471_7368793234023924862_none of my favorite healthy recipes and it’s so easy to make variations of this!

I love Rice Bowls!  It’s so easy to switch out your ingredients and make a new creation!  And, the more veggies you add into your bowl, the more food you can eat!  Are you wondering why?  Here’s a graphic that will help to explain…all calories are not created equal



As you can see…400 calories of fat takes up far less room in your stomach than 400 calories of vegetables.  You can eat a lot more and feel fuller if you fill up on your lower calorie foods.

This recipe is for a 525 calorie rice bowl….it’s from a website called With Salt and Wit.  I will post the link for the actual page/recipe at the bottom of this post.  And, let me tell you—this 525 calories if FILLING!  I usually cannot finish a whole one.  It’s so easy to switch out, your meat, your sauce, your veggies, etc.  Taylor it to your preferences and caloric needs.  Now you have a ‘go to’ dinner but you can still have variety!



Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pork Burrito Bowls

This recipe calls for quinoa, but I like to use brown rice instead. If you don’t care for pineapple, try mango!  Not a fan of pork?  Switch it out for chicken!  Don’t like avocado….ok, who doesn’t like avocado?  But, seriously..just leave it off!

For the recipe and meal prep tips related to this recipe, here it the link to this page…I’m so glad I stumbled across it and I think you might enjoy it too!



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